Saturday, June 18, 2022


It's been a year since I began taking PerfectAmino by BodyHealth. PerfectAmino has been a game-changer for me. Prior to taking this supplement, my muscles were suffering from the effects of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. One of the two holistic health practitioners I work with found out about this product from her niece who is also a holistic health practitioner. Word gets around!

The first thing I did was go to their website. Scroll down on the page, and you'll see that the pdf of the book is available for a free download. After I read it, I purchased a paperback copy. I know there are other formulas of amino acids out there, but after reading the book, I was convinced this is the best one.


PA (PerfectAmino) promotes muscle repair and recovery as well as promotes a stronger immune system. It is predigested which is what I needed due to esophagitis issues interfering with my ability to digest protein and fat. It comes in both powder and capsules. I absolutely do not like stevia, so I got the capsules. Yes, it takes five of them for a single serving. I swallow one at a time while saying 'thank you for healing my body.' 

The first two weeks I took this supplement, I felt really tired. I laid down for cat naps throughout the day. They have a Facebook group for people who take this supplement, and I saw that this was a normal response for your body while the amino acids begin the repair process.

Then I noticed my muscles actually feeling stronger, especially in my arms. I don't remember ever having that sensation before. In addition to that, I had been back in a wheelchair since the middle of 2018 after jarring my lower back twice. About six months after I began taking PA, I noticed the muscles in my legs becoming stronger, enabling me to stand a little longer and walk across the room. Damaged nerves seemed to be healing, too.

Meanwhile, my right foot and ankle had been swelling for several years. My doctor had told me it was due to veinous insufficiency, improper functioning of the vein valves, causing swelling and skin changes. Imagine my surprise when it suddenly completely cleared up after taking this supplement. Apparently, in addition to amino acids strengthening so many other parts of me (including my brain), it also strengthened my veins.

In September of last year, three months after I started taking this supplement, I got blood labs done. Imagine my surprise when I saw that my triglycerides went from 242 down to 112.

BodyHealth has a Facebook group where you can get community support for anything related to taking this product. There are additional groups if you are an athlete or interested in losing weight.

It is best to order direct from (vs Amazon) as they offer regular promotions. You get a code to give your friends and family so they get 20% off their first order. Whenever you write a review (and they give you regular opportunities to do so) and share it on social media, they give you a $25 coupon. Here's my code

You cannot use more than one promotion-coupon code, but I was told I could purchase gift cards with my points which I can use in addition to a coupon code.

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