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As I hope you have read in my books and/or the About page, you will see I no longer take any medications for pain and/or depression. In the long run, the side effects weren't worth it to me. Plus, I kept building up a tolerance to them, so they didn't work anymore.

This is a list of things I often do to cope with flare-ups... which can merely be an increase in pain intensity on top of my 'normal.' I keep a list handy because when pain shoots up, my brain goes on vacation. I believe this is the same with everyone.

On September 22, 2021, the morning after the cold front moved in, I ached all over. Here's what I took: a dropper of Energetix Inflamma-Tone, a dropper of CBD oil, and I shredded frozen ginger to make myself a hot cup of tea (with a loose-tea holder). I also put on the Tourmaline arm sleeves. I felt better within an hour.

General flare-ups (usually in my neck, shoulders, and upper back):
  • Use OSKA Pulse (PEMF)
  • Close my eyes and BREATHE. Release any tension in my body upon each exhale.
  • Activate Vagus Nerve by Ohmming/Humming and/or gargling.
  • Massage ears with one of the many essential oils I have on hand (or massage them without oil). Ears have a lot of acupuncture points. i.e. Balance or AromaTouch blends (doTERRA).
  • Use self-massager on my back, hips, and thighs.
  • Use Thermalon heat wrap on my shoulders.
  • Listen to singing bowls on YouTube. Play the one I have.
  • Meditate (see Meditation page).
  • Lay in bed and read.
  • Drink more water... with l-Glutamine.
  • Practice Donna Eden Energy Medicine routines.
  • Move my body parts to remind it that even though I still hurt, I can still move.
  • Neck traction (placing my thumbs under my jaw, my fingertips under the bottom of my skull, and pull up).
  • Use a Salonpas patch placed over my upper spine (or lower back).
  • For lower back, apply marjoram with lotion.
Feeling suddenly drained and achy all over (getting sick):
  • Rest a lot more in bed. (Read in bed.)
  • Apply Past Tense blend (doTERRA) to the base of my occipital point and rub in.
  • 15 drops of Energetix Hypothalmapath.
  • If my bowels are backed up, so are the toxins.
  • Use Silver with dropper.
  • Take Kratom (anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-biotic).
  • CBD oil.
Emotional Flashbacks/Depressive episodes/discontinuation symptoms
  • EFT
  • Pete Walker's 13 Steps for managing flashbacks.
  • Listen to the recordings I made along with Beth's.
  • Does it feel like discontinuation syndrome? Take Hypothamapath for irritability, conflicting voices in my head, inability to focus, and body temperature fluctuations.
  • Use Balance essential oil blend.
  • Use Cheer essential oil blend as needed.
  • Diffuse Patchouli.
  • What recently happened? What story did I make up about what happened? What got triggered? Practice self-love abundance vs self-love deficit thoughts.
  • Read my list of affirmations multiple times during the day.
  • Listen to YouTube videos with affirmations-meditations.
  • I may need more Vitamin D3-K2. 
Muscle cramps: from hips to knees*; abdomen; sides (ribcage); lower & mid back:
  • *Tennis ball under (R) glute
  • TENS unit with backstrap or iReliev TENS unit 
  • *OSKA Pulse on (R) thigh
  • Use Thermalon heat wrap on abdomen
  • Increase Magnesium Glycinate to two 3x day
  • Inflamma-Tone 
  • CBD Oil
  • Apply Marjoram & Copaiba with lotion
Teres Major spasm triggered by inflammation/nerve compression:
  • Apply and massage in Past Tense blend (doTERRA) to the base of my occipital point and along each side of my upper spine.
  • Apply and massage in a blend of Lemongrass, Marjoram, and Black Pepper essential oils into the spasm.
  • Take 15 drops of Energetix Inflamma-Tone 2 - 3 times a day under tongue.
  • Use inflatable neck traction.
  • Do additional band pulls.
  • Use iReliev TENS unit
Scapula spasm:
  • Apply and massage in Past Tense blend (doTERRA) to the base of my occipital point and along each side of my upper spine.
  • If someone is available to do this for me, apply and massage in a blend of Lemongrass, Marjoram, and Black Pepper essential oils into the spasm.
  • Use self-massager on my back.
  • Use Thermalon heat wrap.
  • Use an S-curved massage gadget to work on knots/spasms.
  • Do additional band pulls.
  • Use iReliev TENS unit 
  • Apply a Salonpas patch.
Bicep/shoulder pain:
  • Twist hands back and forth with arms hanging by my side to warm up and release muscle cramps.
Carpal tunnel and/or wrist and hand pain:
  • Wear Tourmaline arm sleeves for pain in forearms and elbows.
  • Apply wireless TENS unit on the back of forearms. 
  • Wear wrist braces
Knee pain:
  • Rub marjoram, lemongrass, & black pepper blend with oil into the sides of my knees. Can also use DoTERRA Deep Blue oil blend with lotion.
  • Wear compression support.
  • Aspirin patch on spine
  • Glute squeeze and release
  • Rub magnesium (oil) into hip and foot
Sinus--headache & pain:
  • Do lymphatic drainage massage.
  • Put moist heat (bead) packs over my face and breathe the steam.
  • Use Silver with dropper.
  • Turn up humidifiers.
  • Inhale peppermint oil and/or Breathe essential oil blend. Apply under nose.
  • Sip on hot drinks (AppleCiderVinegar & honey).
Sore throat:
  • Do lymphatic drainage massage.
  • 5 drops of Energetix Inflamma-Tone every 4 hours.
  • Hot drinks.
  • Ricola lozenges (Original).
  • Has it been a year since my last eye exam?
  • Past Tense on temples and back of neck.
Herpes outbreak coming on:
  • Increase l-Lysine (pure encapsulations) from 2 to 4 capsules (2 capsules 2x a day).
  • 1 dropper of Energetix Inflamma-Tone every 4 hours.
  • 1 dropper of CBD oil (75mg) every 4 hours.
  • Apply Crystalline Nano Silver directly to the area.
  • Soak feet in Epsom Salt and 2 drops Tea Tree oil.
Pins & Needles:
  • 1 dropper CBD oil as needed.
  • Use OSKA Pulse 
  • Combine Copaiba oil with Everyday Shay Butter or other organic lotion and rub into my legs, back, torso, arms, and shoulders. Do this several times a week.
  • Rub dampened mix of Magnesium and sea salt all over body while in shower and rinse off.
  • Do the Donna Eden energy routine and stimulate the vagus nerve (daily).
  • Morning routine of stretches and motion exercises.

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