Sunday, November 28, 2021

Let It Go

November 21, 2021, Shower Meditation

While washing my hair, I saw the image of the high priestess I knew who shaved her head for holy reasons. I thought about the trauma she had endured which propelled her in developing psychic abilities. 

I thought about the trauma Christ in the book The Nine Faces of Christ endured as tests of his resilience and spiritual evolvement. 

I thought about the trauma Teal Swan had endured that propelled her into the life she lives now, teaching others how to overcome theirs.

All three of them developed high levels of intuition and psychic abilities.

Since I began these shower meditations, I have incorporated letting it all go. I often see the air filled with dead skin dust - and suddenly realized my body knows how to let it go. I watch the water and dust go down the drain and visualize letting it all go. I thought about digestion - I eat, my body digests what I eat, and then eliminates the rest - it lets it go. 

Allow all of it in, digest it, and eliminate it. 

What if I could see the trauma I endured as a gift that propelled ME to open to the spiritual realm? What if I could let all the past trauma stories go?

I thought about earth trauma - volcanoes, earthquakes - followed by the renewal of soil and trees, etc. 

Mother nature knows how to let it go. She does it every fall, shedding leaves from her trees. 

The sky knows how to let it go, releasing emotional streams of tears.

I thought about tribal torture ceremonies, like the Sundance of the Sioux tribe. They know how to let the pain go knowing what the result on the other side will be. They don't hold onto it.

I thought about emptying my backpack of stones - and let them go.

Snippets of an interview with Michael Singer I recently listened to: 

“You’re doing one of two things all the time. You’re either clinging to what you think will make you feel better or you’re resisting what you think will make you feel worse. ... because you’re not okay, you build this concept inside your mind of how the moments in front of you need to be for you to be okay, and how they need to not be so you won’t be worse. Which moments? The ones that God made, or the ones that came out of the quantum field for 13.8 billion years? So, it doesn’t matter. ... You let go of that garbage that you’re building inside of you that’s saying things need to be a certain way for me to be okay.

“You can honor and respect every single experience that you have. There are no good and bad experiences. There are just experiences. And if you’re open to them, you grow from them. You learn from them. And that’s the meaning of your life. ... That when you leave, you are a higher being than who came down, period. ... Earth is a place where souls are sent to evolve. 

You said, “I don’t want it to have happened. It should not have happened. And I’m not going to experience this.” And you suppressed it. You pushed it away inside and it got stuck inside of you. ...What got stuck? The energy of the experience, the whole pattern, the colors..., the taste, the feelings, everything. ... “Well, so what? At least I didn’t have to experience it.” You did experience it. You just didn’t let it go. Now it stays inside of you. Now, when something outside reminds you of it, even though it isn’t happening, you feel bad. You feel scared.

But it’s not comfortable when it comes up. “Of course, it’s not, it wasn’t comfortable when you stored it. It’s not going to be comfortable when it comes up, but you can handle it. Practice, practice, practice, practice letting go, practice handling things. And as you do, the bigger stuff will come up, you let it go. And then bigger stuff will come up, you let it go. And all of a sudden, you’re going to find out that you’re much happier than you used to be. You’re not carrying all the garbage inside of you and being afraid that it’ll get hit.”

More about Michael Singer's work:

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