Monday, May 22, 2023

Other Dimensions

I had been feeling depressed and out of sorts for months, followed by suspicions that toxic energy had leaked into my apartment. It seemed that I was fine when I went somewhere else, but I didn't like how my apartment felt when I returned. I thought it was coming from my neighbor who is known to have schizophrenia and hallucinate. They had moved in about two years ago. Before she got back on medication, she had come to my apartment in the middle of the night crying and told me what I knew were hallucinations. As time went on, the energy in my apartment seemed to get more intense.

Years before, I had learned how this can happen... when I lived in a 24-foot trailer in a Bakersfield, California, trailer park. After the seller had come to check up on me, the friend he brought with him left behind unpleasant energy. Back then, I knew a woman through a Reiki group I had been part of who was also a psychic, and I called her. She had informed me that there was, indeed, unfriendly energy (not her exact words) in my trailer and advised me on how to get rid of it. There was another incident in that trailer related to a dream catcher I had hanging in the wrong place, and seeing an etheric image of a body rise up out of mine when I woke up in the middle of the night.

As I worked on this puzzle, I thought about using it for visualization. I even applied it as wallpaper on my phone. I imagine the front part is my living space where I spend my time. It is peaceful, I have a journal to write in, animals to keep me company, and magic. The gate in the back is electrified, keeping what is on the other side out, especially the toxic energies of others. There are angels at the gate that guard it. If anything gets through, the dragons are alerted, swallow it up, and blow it through the gate. Sometimes I have to ask them to vacuum out my apartment and blow the content out through the gate.

The memory of the land we (my ex and I) camped on by Joshua Tree surfaced... when I had the nightmare that claws were ripping through the side of the tent. I was told we were camping on Indian Burial ground.

How is it that I happened to live next door to someone who can see through to other dimensions of reality? How is it that I happened to be friends with a woman who has a son who suffers from the same affliction which is how I knew about it in the first place?

I then remembered the group discussion I attended two to three years ago on various hauntings in Lampasas. The people who attended each had stories about their experiences with area hauntings. How is it that this same building is where I had been going on Thursday nights before the venue closed?

As I continued to process this energy invasion, I remembered coming across information on the Mother's Day flood that occurred back in 1957 before the flood prevention system was built, a system that reaches out to behind my apartment complex. My neighbor's daughter had told me she had seen spirits walking on the bridge at night. I Googled this Mother's Day flood and read that five people had died. Could it be them? 

Maybe the invasion wasn't coming from my neighbor after all. Maybe it was coming from the ones who died and were seen walking on the bridge. And if so, could it be that they were seeking my help? Were they also trying to communicate with my neighbors? 

I was told by another psychic in 2021 that I was connected to the ground and the people buried there. I pulled up my notes from this consultation and reread them, locating a prayer for protection.

Google suggested I call upon Archangel Michael to assist souls in crossing over. I also sprinkled salt on the floor by my front door. The energy inside feels much better now. 

What is next? The random events from over the years included my seeing two spirit guides... twice... about 20 years apart. The first time, I participated in an introduction to becoming an empath and felt the discomfort of the emotional turmoil the person in front of me was experiencing. The teacher had told me to look over her left shoulder to see if a guide appears. A young one did followed by an old man with a long beard. I was advised to ask this guide what was happening with the woman and received an answer telepathically. When I relayed this answer to the woman in front of me, she said it was correct. Then the guide telepathically told me to tell her that it would all work out. However, I didn't attend any more classes.

Then I was prescribed heavy medications that I took for about 15 years for chronic pain, some of which could have been what I was collecting from others. 

In 2008, I saw these guides again when I was in Walmart picking up more medication... the young one by the last cash register, the old one by the front automatic doors. I was suffering from hopelessness and depression. On the way home, the bag on my passenger seat tipped over, and I reached out to grab it. The next thing I was conscious of was my truck being in the ditch and everything in it flying at me... and how happy I felt. The truck was totaled, and I didn't have any bruises or other wounds. This probably sounds crazy, but I don't believe I was in the truck when it crashed.

The common denominator of several of these incidents was feelings of hopelessness. Could it be that is when the doors to the spiritual world open for me? 

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