Monday, January 17, 2022

Manifesting & Positive Prayer


Over the years, I seem to have mastered the art of manifesting through a form of positive prayer. I thought I would share some of these circumstances with you in addition to the techniques I used. Some happened immediately (like summoning for help). Others took years and came as pleasant surprises. 

Keep in mind that one of the lessons I learned over time is that the Universe will say yes to anything you focus on. If you focus on lack, you will get lack. If you focus on abundance, you will get abundance. I needed to shift my mindset out of low self-worth and believe I deserved to have a better quality of life. I needed to believe I deserved to have my needs met and visualize as if I already had it and what it feels like to have it. 

Because I am a writer, I often used pen and paper in addition to my computer to work out my thoughts and dreams. I considered every manifestation and answer to a prayer miraculous.

Miraculous manifestations:

Things for my baby: I had moved across the country with just a suitcase with my parents and stayed with my older sister. Her passion was going to yard sales every weekend to go treasure hunting. I got excited every time I found something I needed for my baby at these yard sales.

The refurbished garage: I had stepped outside with my young son one day and with a sense of excitement said, "You know what would be perfect for us? A refurbished garage!" The next time we went to church, I found a postcard advertising one, and we were able to move into it.

The Toyota: I had leased a Subaru Justy that turned out to be a lemon. While it was in the shop for several days (just to wait for brake shoes to arrive), the owner let me borrow his Toyota. While I was driving it, I imagined it was mine. When my car was ready for pick-up, I told him I loved the car. He offered to sell it to me. I couldn't get a second car loan, but my employer loaned me the money.

The accident: I had a part-time job for 5 years when I decided I didn't want it anymore but didn't have the courage to resign. One morning when I was driving to work, I declared I didn't want to go. A woman who didn't come to a complete stop tapped the right rear corner of the car and sent me jackknifing sideways into a bus bench. I didn't go to work for several months. In this case, I learned to be careful of how I word my requests.

Divorce: During a time of confusion and inability to make an important decision about whether to stay in a marriage or not, I asked God for a sign. The Toyota I mentioned above began to have mechanical issues that required towing. One day it died at a major intersection with a street name the same as my husband's last name. To me, this was a sign that it was time to go.

The motorhome: When I first learned the art of creating vision boards, I included a photo of a Fleetwood motorhome. One showed up YEARS later. I didn't even realize it until after I had moved into it and put everything away, meticulously organizing my belongings in overheads and lower storage spaces. I had cut down a large poster into 8-1/2 x 11 sheets to fit into a loose-leaf binder which included other articles in addition to my vision sheets. I opened it up one day to see the image of the exact same motorhome I was living in.

My son's wedding: I had been suffering from symptoms of post-prescription drug withdrawal when I heard my son was getting married in one month - 1,500 miles away. In desperation, I cried out to God, "If you want me to go, send someone to help me and give me a reason to come back!" Within days, the right person showed up in the grocery store, and I was able to go to his wedding.

Furnished apartment: I had moved out to Texas at the end of 2006 with just what would fit in the back of my pickup truck. I had to give all my furniture away. When I found an apartment in 2012 and went over for a preview, the woman who was moving out was selling everything except her bed and dresser because she was moving into a 2-bedroom with her sister. Although she was planning to have a sale that weekend, I was able to buy everything for $250 and move into a fully furnished apartment. (My security deposit was $150 instead of $400, so I offered the difference, and she accepted it.)

A new computer: I was invited to a county political group meeting one day and learned the secretary was leaving the country for six months, so they needed a new secretary. Although it was on a volunteer basis, the job came with a new laptop computer plus Microsoft Office, which I needed to produce my books.

A new bed: A woman I met at an author event came over one day so we could work on a book project together. She noticed I didn't have a bed (I didn't keep the one I had in the previous apartment). That weekend, she and her husband drove an hour to bring me a full-sized electric adjustable bed.

Free education: Not having access to psychological counseling inspired me to learn how to do this for myself. As a result of this intention, a LOT of free docuseries, books, and programs showed up particularly on topics about trauma and post-traumatic growth.

The van, helpers, and companions: This one took I think about a year. I wrote a list of words to describe what I wanted to have in two categories: I AM and I LIVE WITH. I meditated on them daily as if I already had them. This list included transportation (that could accommodate my mobility scooter) and the characteristics of home health attendants I'd be happy with. I ended up with a wonderful van (my car miraculously sold within 24 hours) and each of the health care attendants that were sent to me turned out to be perfect companions. 

Bookends: I wanted some metal bookends. In this case, I didn't have the patience to wait and ordered some online. About two months later, I went to a garage sale where everything was being given away for free... including the same bookends. I took them anyway. It reminded me to be patient and wait with excited anticipation for the things I want to show up.

A new mobility scooter: Even though I had a vision of getting a really nice Pride Go Go mobility scooter, someone gave me a large, expensive Merits Vision electric wheelchair. After some months, I decided to put it up for sale and buy the mobility scooter I wanted. What happened was quite miraculous. The person who called me about the wheelchair asked me if I'd be willing to trade it for her mobility scooter... which turned out to be the Pride brand I wanted. We not only traded, but I had the opportunity to fulfill a dream of philanthropy in an unexpected way. I was able to give my other one to someone I know who needed one.

I have more dreams I visualize as if I already have them. They are written up on a Google Doc. I even wrote some fairytales about them. I practice trust, patience, gratitude, and appreciation. Trust and patience knowing these dreams will come true with divine timing (if they are in my highest and best good). Gratitude and appreciation for everything I already have.

Can you think of a time that you manifested something you wanted or needed? Do you keep a gratitude journal? Do you keep a list of miraculous manifestations?

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