Thursday, January 28, 2021


Constant yet ever-changing...
the same scene yet always different
as the shadows move throughout the day.

What is time?

Years past -- gone in a flash.

A new month of a new year -- gone in a blink of an eye.

What I gained in 2020:

  • I discovered I am what is known as a Heyoka Empath and opened up again. This explained a lot of my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges throughout my life. Unaware, I had been collecting energy from everywhere which was draining my system.
  • Recognition of boundaries I must establish to manage my energy -- both physical and empathic -- and learning rituals on how to accomplish this. I must take spoon theory to the next level. 
  • I got satisfying answers to most of the mysterious experiences I've had.
  • I didn't feel as bad about limitations in going places because no one else could either... however... 
  • I had the ability to participate in meetings via Google Zoom for local clubs... including the Central Texas Writers Society... and the ones I volunteer to do bookkeeping and secretarial services for.
  • After learning how to use Zoom for local community meetings, I was able to establish long-awaited family connections. Since they had to learn the technology themselves because of Covid, they were willing to use it for our family visits.
  • I received additional financial support due to stimulus payments and SNAP funds.
  • I found Princess... a 2002 Ford E150 van equipped with a lift, power doors, a hand control, and a driver's seat that comes back and swivels for transferring, and I said good-bye to my 2008 Dodge Caliber that had been loyal to me for 10 years. Best of all, I was able to keep my plate 9DPRN which means to me that I've lived the 9 lives of a cat, and I am 'D' PRiNcess.
  • I produced six more books (one big one and five small ones).
  • I read other people's books relating to energy medicine, trauma recovery, psychology, and more.
  • I celebrated five years in one place.
  • I continued to volunteer to do the bookkeeping for Reaching Beyond Words... and Lampasas Family and Consumer Services.
  • I said goodbye to Jesyka (my beloved attendant) as she left to pursue a career as a CNA at a nursing home... and decided to buy a house in Tennessee. She had introduced new technologies to me, brought me jigsaw puzzles including a set of Thomas Kinkaid ones, brought me the MyShare spy camera so I could keep an eye on (and be entertained by) the community cats that assemble on my back patio, and passed on her Samsung 8 Galaxy phone to me when she upgraded to the S20. Best of all, she was instrumental in helping me gain more confidence in myself.
  • I watched amazing save-the-planet type documentaries which inspired me to do my part, no matter how small... which was followed by...
  • ...having my compostable garbage picked up once a week as well as all the plastic bottles to get recycled. Then...
  • I accepted an additional volunteer opportunity with the invitation to be the secretary for Lampasas Community Gardens, founded and launched by the same person who picked up my compostables and plastic. How's that for synchronicity?
What's coming up for 2021?
  • On January 5, I met my new attendant, Lety. As for me, it is a match made in heaven. She loves to grow plants, and we have many interests in common... including the love for pecans. We have pecan trees growing everywhere here, and she brings me bags of shelled ones. Her parents have a honey farm in Mexico, and she brought me delicious citrus-flavored honey.
  • As part of the Community Garden project, classes are being established to teach people like me how to grow food... at a community garden. I am excited! I won't be hungry with all my friends participating in growing food and bringing me a few things from their gardens... and as secretary, I get to keep up on the latest developments of this project.
  • Continued family Zoom meetings.
Have you created a list of the highlights of 2020 and started one for 2021? If you feel like sharing, email me... (or use the contact form).

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