Sunday, June 16, 2019

Spider Web

Copyright © 2019 Renee Alter

Oh, what webs we weave.
This amazing spider’s web which I caught with my camera,
inspired a variety of thoughts and conclusions.

Even though its fine threads are white, the spider leaves
space to allow both light and color to show through,
and if I try hard enough, I can find
some light and color in my circumstances.

Even though the threads look delicate,
the web as a whole is much stronger than it appears.
And even though it feels like pieces of my body are falling apart,
my body as a whole is much stronger than it feels.

Even though we may think each of us is a single thread,
we are all intricately connected by the physics of the Universe.
I used to think I was a single thread, but with effort and persistence,
I have been able to build a web (network) of my own.

Even though the web appears to be woven unevenly,
much like my life, it is still a masterpiece of perfection.
Keeping a gratitude journal showed me evidence
that my life is a masterpiece of perfection.
I just have to accept all the fragments of nature
that also get caught in the web (like in the photo).

The uneven design of the web is mesmerizing,
much like the videos I’ve watched of the
neurological networks of our brain synapses
and the energetic pulses between our cells.
The web is not solid, and neither are we.

One negative thought can trigger another
negative thought from my subconscious mind,
and like a spider’s web, is connected to
many other similar thoughts which is
why I can feel so overwhelmed,
feeling like I have been caught in a spider’s web
about to be eaten alive by life.

Then again, the web can be seen as a
safety net if I let go of all I am trying to grasp
and trust in the safety of the divine plan.

And maybe the purpose of a web is more than it appears.
Maybe the spider wanted to catch more than bugs (a meal)
in its web… and built a web that would also catch
fragments of nature for the purpose of providing
beautiful decorations for its home.

Maybe spiders have personalities, too.

Copyright © 2019 Renee Alter

Note: a fellow Reiki practitioner I knew from the past read this and responded:
Webs are also used for PROTECTION. Visualize it around you. In Huna, we symbolically use a web for same. 

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