Monday, February 9, 2015

Growing An Internal Garden to Cope With Chronic Pain, Illness, and Depression

With age and experience, many of us come out the other side with a lot of wisdom to share, I consider myself one of them. 

I've been to all kinds of doctors and learned something useful from each one of them. I've talked to a lot of other people who have had all kinds of physical challenges. I've delved into all kinds of Alternative Medicine searching for solutions. I've read a lot of books. I've been dealing with physical challenges since I was a child. Maybe I should have been a doctor or health care practitioner. I got as far as obtaining Reiki Certifications when I was in my 30's and a Bachelor's Degree when I was 41. Hopefully I will be able to continue my education and get a Master's Degree in something -- or some type of certification in the health and wellness field.

The inspiration for this book (my 7th one) was inspired after I listened to Teal Swan’s video where she says to ask yourself “What would someone who loves themselves do?” After asking this numerous times, an answer came to me. Treat my body like it I a garden.


think of your body as a beloved garden. Choose the flowers you want to grow. Plant good seeds. Provide nourishing soil. Fertilize it. Refrain from using pesticides. Water it. Feel the joy of seeing new flowers grow. Bask in the wonder of how much beauty can sprout from tiny seeds. It takes time for flowers to grow. Be patient with yourself as you nurture your inner garden and wait for your flowers to bloom. After your flowers bloom, the butterflies will come. Remember that they were once homely caterpillars. In order to become butterflies, they had to weave a protective cocoon around themselves. When you begin this journey, think of yourself as being in a cocoon, soon to discover you will become a beautiful butterfly. This little book includes a narrowed down summary of what I learned in my personal journey through chronic pain, illness, and depression. It is set up like a workbook with exercises for you to do and recommendations of books to read as well as videos to watch. Be inspired and believe you can recover.

You can find this book on Amazon through the links provided on the "My Books" page. I hope this book will help you in your own journey and that you will share it with those you love.

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