Monday, June 13, 2011


     I saw this little story on facebook and reposted it again: "
"There's an old Cherokee legend of a grandfather teaching his grandson about life. The grandfather tells the child that in all of us there are two wolves. One wolf is filled with hatred, sadness, and anger. The other is filled with love, joy, and happiness. The wolves are in constant battle with each other. The grandson thinks about this for a minute and then asks his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" The grandfather replies, "The one you feed."
     :-|    OK, I get it! I am feeding the wrong wolf again! Just as I started to feel better, I threw meat to the bad wolf and I got sucked back into my old pattern of thinking, which is probably why my health has been going down the tubes and I lost motivation to write. After reading that one, I went 'googling' again.
     I decided to see what Louise Hay's view on Fibromyalgia was. This is what showed up in her FAQ's:
     "Q: Your little blue book Heal Your Body hasn’t been updated since 1988 and I have conditions I am looking for that aren’t listed, such as fibromyalgia."
     Answer: "Over the years I’ve learned that there are really just two mental patterns that contribute to disease: Fear and Anger. Anger can show up as impatience, irritation, frustration, criticism, resentment, jealousy or bitterness. These are all thoughts that poison the body. When we release this burden, all the organs in our body begin to function properly.
     Fear could be tension, anxiety, nervousness, worry, doubt, feeling not good enough or unworthiness. Do you relate to any of this? We must learn to substitute faith for fear if we’re to heal. Faith in what? Faith in Life! I believe we live in a "Yes" Universe. No matter what we choose to believe or think or say, the Universe always says "yes" to us. If we think poverty, the Universe says "yes" to that. If we think prosperity, the Universe say "yes" to that. It's up to us! The Universe wants us to experience anything we desire. So let's say "yes" to all good. Be a "yes" person, living in a "yes" world being responded to by a "yes" Universe.
     If you find yourself with some sort of diseases that is not listed in Heal Your Body, become your own investigator and healer. Ask yourself, is it one of the forms of fear or is it one of the forms of anger? Are you willing to release those thoughts. And replace them with positive affirmations? Loving yourself will also contribute greatly to healing your body for love heals.
     So how do you love yourself? First of all and most importantly: Cease all criticism of yourself and others. Accept yourself as you are. Praise yourself as much as you can. Criticism breaks down the inner spirit, praise builds it up. Look into a mirror often and simply say: I LOVE YOU, I REALLY LOVE YOU. It may be difficult at first, but keep practicing and soon you will mean and feel what you say. Love yourself as much as you can and all of life will mirror this love back to you.
     P.S. Fibromyalgia is fear showing up as extreme tension due to stress.
My book I Can Do It will give you lots of affirmations to get you started until you learn to create your own."

     Do I relate to any of the words she listed under anger and fear? Yeh, I do. I've been told that I need to be patient, that I am frustrated, that I am too hard on myself, I already wrote about the coveting which leads to resentment & jealousy that other people are more physically able than I am and have better living spaces than I do. And I relate to feeling poisened. And fear? This includes the kitchen soup mix of tension, anxiety, nervousness, worry, doubt, and unworthiness... which had it's way with me in sliding back into depression. If I was truly chemically depressed, I don't think I would get moments of inspiration when I come upon something like this. I also feel hopeful because it was a Louise Hay tape I played over and over again over 15 years ago that got me over an initial hurtle of illness.
     I am looking at the big monster face to face. I feel temporarily relieved that it has shown itself in black and white. It's back to the drawing board of learning to shift my consciousness from what I learned in childhood. It's the monster that came to reclaim my life again after a relationship breakup was followed by a whole string of mishaps.
     I am also baring my soul to the public and hope that I don't end up trying to eat my words.

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