There are various forms of meditation both visual and sound. 

My favorite visual one is Miracle of Human Creation. After I watched this for the first time, I began to meditate on how perfectly we are created and began to believe in my body's ability to repair itself.

Sounds are healing, too. Our bodies are amazing universes of stars (cells) that are affected by what we listen to. Here's an article on how to use sound to heal yourself.

In 2014, I developed adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) which persisted for six months. Medical intervention was unsuccessful. One day, I was invited to attend a demonstration of singing bowls and other healing sounds. With headphones, I listened to a 20-minute sound recording that I later found out was randomly created by the person doing the demonstration. The following day, I had the full use of my arm back and the pain was completely gone. Unfortunately, when I returned to ask for the recording, she said she no longer had it. Thus, I went on YouTube to find other healing sounds I could listen to at home and noticed an improvement in the condition of my muscles.

The following are some these meditations I've found to be helpful:

Listen to them with speakers plugged into your computer or with headphones for the best result.

528 Hz Healing Sounds

Tibetan Singing Bowls (listen for at least 30 minutes to feel your body resonate and become balanced, reducing the amount of pain you feel). 

Meditations of All Kinds

Journey to the Divine Source

Self Love Introduction

More meditations on my Pinterest Page

Imagine your cells as happy colorful orbs flowing freely and energizing your body, repairing it to perfect balance.

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