Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone!

You may be familiar with this line of Joni Mitchell's song "Big Yellow Taxi". For me, first, I thought the baby boy I gave birth to would be close to me forever ... like I was with my mother. But, alas, he was a boy and a very independent one! And he was my only child. I missed him terribly after he was up and gone. I just had to wait and see if this would change after he had his first child... which it has... a little bit... thanks to the message feature of facebook and phones that can text.

On the opposite note, I didn't really know how depressed I was or how much my body hurt every day or how much it affected my life until it was GONE. I realized yesterday that the 'high' I experienced back in July 2010 has been continuous for the last three months or so (with the exception of the insomnia I no longer have). Rather than writing six books simultaneously like I was doing that July, I keep 3-6 windows open on my laptop computer while I jump back and forth between multiple tasks. I have an upright file with folders for tasks in progress such as adding affiliate links to my blog, as well as additional writing & music information. (I like being organized). There are six separate piles on my dining room table of tasks I want or need to complete a.s.a.p. Among them are: a notebook and folder for the 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge I found for free, Hay House World Summit (I paid $7 for the Premium Registration which will include 100 videos instead of 30 (will I actually have time to see them all?), I had enrolled in Reverbnation's Press Kit package 30 day free trial (I have to remember to cancel after 30 days and see which parts of it I can do in the meantime), a pile with travel info (I need to make reservations to go to Washington-either in July or September), and notes to keep current for the non-profit organizations I volunteer for. Then there are the three piles on the bookshelf next to the table which includes music information, career information, and writing information (along with articles on marketing it all). And there is a pile on my coffee table filled with information on EFT, NLP, Reiki, and Positive Psychology. I rarely turn on my TV. In the back of my mind I have intentions of listening to meditation CD's and MP3's I've been accumulating.

I tried to think of other 'symptoms' of my feeling good so I could understand what has transpired and do my best to maintain this state of mind. I 'feel' like I am contributing to meaningful causes. I 'feel' confident in what I am doing. I 'feel' stimulated by learning new things. I 'feel' the happiness of being surrounded by friendly, supportive people (neighbors, friends, and business associates). I 'feel' the bliss of being in the midst of actively creating new things (like meeting someone who has a recording studio and a band who expressed interest in working with me to create awesomeness for my songs). I 'feel' financially stable with the means to travel to see family vs feeling sorry for myself that I cannot go. I 'feel' important as I meet more people, and network to connect people to other people and organizations/businesses. I 'feel' like I have real wisdom to offer other people now that I have overcome all those awful life challenges (although I still deal with a bit of envy that so many others did not have to go through all that). I 'feel' like I am back in college which I had always enjoyed doing. Perhaps I will be able to print my own diploma for Book Marketing, Music Production, and Writing. I 'feel' healthier and stronger. I 'feel' content. I 'feel' supported by GOD and the Universe as I continuously receive the next video, email, or person, that gives me what I need to take the next step of my incredible journey usually with impeccable timing. One of the latest examples is immediately after I experienced a complete let-down by severe critiques of one of my songs (Reverbnation Crowd Review), I saw a new email from Rhys Thomas with a 10-minute video with the results of a free personality profile test I did on his website describing me to a T -- as 'Emotional Intelligence' with an opposite as 'Poor Me'. His presentation put a huge smile on my face. Then I received the long awaited phone call that Paul (and his band) were finally available to work with me in the recording studio!!! With this experience, I noticed once again, that when you are on the right 'feeling' level, you attract incredibly amazing things and situations.

Note all the 'feel' words. In 'Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy', and in 'Law of Attraction' this is the magic word. Please share one of your experiences relating to this topic below.