Thursday, April 24, 2014


I think the last time I was this happy and busy was in 1991. I had accumulated about six part-time jobs... most of which I picked up to take home (bookkeeping/payroll/taxes). I lived near a community college and took classes whenever I could--one of which was mountain climbing/camping. My son was about seven years old and we lived in a nice upstairs apartment in a nice community. I went to a church now known as "Center for Spiritual Living" which focused on positive affirmations for every situation in life. With the mountain climbing class, we went up the Palm Springs Tram for a weekend hike. Then afterward, I took my son to Big Bear solo. But the first weekend I went, one of his camp counselors happened to be there. The second weekend, we met another family from the same city we lived in. I think that year was one of the happiest in my life.

And so this last year has been filled with awesome things. Physically--Emotionally--Spiritually--Psychologically, I continued to get stronger and have more energy.

My chiropractor recommended I exercise on an elliptical machine which doesn't put stress on the joints. At the spur of the moment, I went on craigslist and located one for $50!

With the help of the right dose of Remeron, I've been able to sleep every night and I no longer feel the unmotivated gloom of depression, detachment, and isolation which was secondary to Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.

With the help of my chiropractor, Mobic, and, Gabapentin, pain and stiffness is rarely distracting me so I've been able to do more and enjoy more and meet more people which spills over into having more satisfying activities to fill up my life.... which includes: 
  • volunteering at the Chamber of Commerce, and getting involved in the events that they sponsor (and networking--connecting people to other people), 
  • playing guitar with an acoustic jam group (I was finally able to get a lightweight smaller guitar--Cordoba Protege--which makes going places with my guitar a lot easier), 
  • knitting with the ladies at the Senior Center,
  • doing a little secretarial work for two local political organizations,
  • connecting with my cousins (and new friends) on facebook,
  • morning coffee socials at my apartment complex (plus once a month potluck and once a month birthday party/bingo).
  • Plus, many life coaches have been providing free videos/audios which I've been listening to while I knit or play Mahjong.
I have met some wonderful women who are now my new friends... and hope to get back into Reiki and create a Reiki Share group. Reiki helped a lot of people I knew while I lived in California and some of the people I've met here are going through serious health challenges. The first step in doing this is having a Reiki Table (aka massage table) which I found on craigslist for $50 (within 24 hours of finding the Elliptical).

And as I wrote at the end of my book "Love, Life, and God," all these fulfilling activities enable me to "Get Past the Pain." I feel a sense of self-confidence and satisfaction that was missing for a lot of years. I feel a sense of purpose again. It's been a long journey! Life feels magical again.