Monday, September 9, 2013

Facelift--A New Beginning

I just figured out how to transform the previous blog into the new 'face' I wanted. 'Renee Alter's Atmosphere' was the website I had for about a year. I really liked all the things I could do with Google's blog... however, I had posted a LOT of things on a blog I originally titled 'Pebbles in the Sand.' 

With the addition of my music, I wanted to retain the 'Atmosphere' I had on the website, which I did not renew. Why pay for something that I didn't need? I found out that Amazon has free author pages, so I created one. I found out Reverbnation didn't charge to make your songs available for people to listen to and purchase. I found out that Facebook has free 'fan' pages, so I created one of those, too.

I love when a book I need magically appears! 'Feeling Good' by Dr. David Burns included 10 thinking errors. I was guided to keep track of my thoughts, identify which thinking error applied to them, and to rephrase/reframe them. I didn't have to see a psychologist, after all. (If you've been keeping track of my progress, you know that I tried to find one to help me while I was going through a really harsh period.)

'Love, Life, & God; Getting Past the Pain' got quite a few facelifts, too. As a result, I have quite a few paper copies (11) of older versions. I am at a loss as to what to do with them. I am not trying to figure out how to reformat the book for Kindle. CreateSpace raised their price to do this for you to $79, which I don't currently have. I found a wonderful group on facebook called 'Tom Winton, Authors Helping Authors' and I am now happily connected to other authors.

I am socially satisfied, too. I now have many wonderful Facebook friends, I'm still volunteering at the County Chamber of Commerce office, I play with a group of other acoustic guitar players on Tuesday nights, and one of the newcomers moved to two minutes away from me. At my apartment complex, I participate in monthly potlucks, monthly birthday parties, and bingo (at both events). The longer I've lived here, the stronger the bonds become with my neighbors. I've got Skype now... and after using it to talk to one of my sisters (it really felt like I was there), I look forward to doing this with other family members.

I found a book titled 'Focusing the Whole Brain' with documentation of using 'Hemi-Sync' to ease a variety of afflictions ... including pain. I purchased the first CD and have been listening to it every night for a week now. The CD helps me to relax, fall asleep, get back to sleep when I wake up to use the bathroom, I've been recalling extremely interesting dreams, and most of all, while listening to it, I am able to detach from the pain in my body. Their website is: When you get all the stages of a good night of sleep, depression and pain no longer overwhelm you.

I also found a book titled 'Financial Peace' by Dave Ramsey. I thought... if only I could take one of his classes. Here it is a month later, and I discovered there was a class starting here in my tiny town. I want Financial Peace ... and I want to be prepared for the possibility of becoming wealthier ... by learning everything there is about how to handle money that you are blessed with.

The dots of my life continue to connect in awesome ways... in the way of meeting the right people, finding the right books, and having the events that I hope for appear for me. The good days are outweighing the bad now. Now I need to buckle down and get back into a routine of exercising on a regular basis. I slacked off. And I ate way too much sugar...