I had always quit exercising (at fitness centers) because my muscles hurt too much afterward. However, the chiropractor I've had for the last 3 years has taught me that weak muscles will hurt more than strong ones, and without strengthening your muscles, your vertebrae won't stay in alignment. 

However, I just couldn't seem to find the type of exercise that would work for me... especially since my hamstrings were so tight, something like Yoga was not going to work for me. Thus, it was trial and error for me to find the right exercises for my body.

The best type of exercise for people with muscular-skeletal challenges, of course, is in a heated swimming pool. In, 2005-2006, I was fortunate to live 5 minutes away from the Arthritis Association Pool in Bakersfield, California, prior to them selling out to a Physical Therapy facility. With a 'noodle' under my armpits, I spent 30 minutes 3 x a week in the deep end of the pool, where the gentle traction of the water took the pressure off of the nerves that went to my legs.

From there, I was shown a routine of exercises on a stability ball (see below) by a female chiropractor in Huntington Beach, California. It was definitely better than nothing... a good starting point when I didn't have a pool to exercise in... and portable... something I could do at home.

In January 2015, I met a woman who told me her incredible survival story. About 20 years ago, she was driving a car with her mother, aunt, and 2-year-old daughter inside. A drunk driver hit them. Her mother & aunt were killed. Her daughter was in a car seat and was OK. This woman had multiple fractures and was in and out of the hospital having 10 surgeries to repair the damage, including having both her hips replaced. One of these had to be done twice.

As her story unfolded, I found out that her doctor told her that if she did not exercise (wish someone had told me this as well), she'd be in a wheelchair before she was 40 (I DID end up in a wheelchair). It sure would have been nice if someone told me this as well.

Since the woman had already been a swimmer, she began her recovery in the water and successfully rehabilitated herself through exercise. From there, she worked at the YMCA (poolside), the city pool, and about 7-8 years ago, she bought Curves in the town I now live in, but I was just meeting her. 

I knew that if she could recover from all of that, I could trust her as my personal trainer. 

If she could exercise even when her whole body was screaming, I could try, too.

I knew I would hurt whether I exercised or not but just hadn't found the means to be able to consistently.

I was right. 

I have made amazing progress since I first started at Curves in January of 2015. For the 1st month, my new trainer had to help me with the equipment until my muscles finally became strong enough so I could do it on my own. 

The circuit is specifically designed for the female anatomy and was the absolute BEST physical therapy I'd ever had. 

I realize Curves is just for women, but if you are a man, I encourage you to find a personal trainer who has rehabilitated from serious injuries or physical challenges vs. a trainer who has always been fit.

I also know a chiropractor in Huntington Beach, California... the one my family members who live out there go to. He wrote the book "How to Recover From Fibromyalgia," which you can find on Amazon. 

When Bergman was a young father, he was hit by a car. He, too, was in and out of the hospital having multiple surgeries. 

Then one day, he met a chiropractor who told him his body could heal if he provided the right nutrition and exercise for it (in addition to chiropractic) and set him on a path of full recovery. 

Bergman went on to become a chiropractor and helps patients do what he has been able to do. He also has numerous 'health' videos on YouTube.

The right people are out there to help you recover! 

Both of these people were able to, and I have, too. 

My body still hurts, but not as bad as it used to... and there's nothing like the feeling of being supported by stronger muscles. The nutritional changes I made helped tremendously as well.

When I put my feet on the floor 1st thing in the morning and stand up, I say "Thank you body for supporting me." 

What did I use to say? "Ugh! I'm never going to feel better or be able to do any of the things I want to do." A self-fulfilling prophecy!

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